Frequent Issues encountered in Companies’ Expansion

Large corporations not always have the right people in their business units: it is fundamental to have experienced professionals that are able to understand every corner of the new market, as well as the culture, the language, potential stakeholders and performance. As they are able to establish enduring relationships with the key actors. Otherwise, the company may end up investing more resources than expected trying to revert the situation. Even, if the initial strategy is the right one, there might be no point of return.

Corporations may miss the details on the market to enter: before the beginning of the internationalisation process, corporations need to perform a deep market research focusing on identifying key aspects as market trends, target customers and consumption habits as well as potential distributors, suppliers, and partners. Large corporations are exposed to a high risk when it comes to entering a new market. They have learnt from past mistakes and are continuously being advised by other companies that can run exhaustive market researches and design enter strategies to new markets.

Difficulties to achieve the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): if the base of the expansion strategy is not properly designed, the forecasted results of the business activities will certainly not be achieved. This might lead to an extra investment that can never assure the success of the strategy.

Our proposition

We always focus on identifying the issues that may arise so we are able to prevent and eliminate the main problems companies may face in their expansion, being able to successfully introduce their solutions and ensure the viability of the processes.

Along the years we have gained presence in different countries, expanding our clients’ portfolios enabling us to work with almost any type of technology and vertical. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT to Fintech, Blockchain and Cyber Security. Moreover, within our service’s portfolio, we provide Sales Outsourcing, Open Innovation and services for Venture Capitals, among other consultancy services.

Thanks to our expertise, contacts and unique insights, we help companies by offering a complete solution to the ones wishing to enter new markets rapidly and profitability. We are able to eliminate those identified problems regarding the poor knowledge companies used to have in new markets.

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